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Did you know by 2020 the care home industry for seniors will be a $300 billion business, and in 2018 group home revenue reached $9 billion?  If you have been frustratedoverwhelmed and confused on how to get licensed as a group home or home care agency provider, we can help you.   Our licensing program includes completing the state licensing application forms, attachments, customized policy and procedure manuals, detailed research and consulting to get you through the state approval process.  We have helped licensed owners in Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Washington, Ohio, Kentucky and many other states.  We take the guess work out of the licensing process.  If your time is limited, you don't have the skills to complete the state license process and desperately need someone to do it for you, we can help you.   

We license group homes and non-medical home care agencies under the home and community based programs (HCBS) or (HCS) programs for intellectual developmentally disabled (IDD) throughout United States.  

Group Home License
A group home is a facility (usually a residential home) where individuals live 24/7 and 365 days a year.  We license group homes for those that are considered at-risk, therapeutic, intellectually developmentally disabled, mentally ill and for substance abuse.  The care homes are sometimes called group homes, personal care homes, residential care homes, child caring institutions, child caring centers, residential care centers or another name depending on the state.  

Home Care Agency License
A non-medical home care agency provides caregivers that go into an individual's home or environment to deliver non-medical personal care, companion sitting and sometimes nursing services (depending on the state).  Non-medical care is when the caregivers help the clients with their activities for daily living (ADL's).   ADL's may include bathing, laundry, cooking, medication reminders, transportation, companion sitting, and cleaning.  Our home care consulting products and services are customized and created with individualized attention.  

PHCP License "Training" Program for Georgia
A licensed PHCP is what the State of Georgia calls a licensed non-medical home care agency.  In the State of Georgia, Care Enterprise provides private home care provider (PHCP) program the "exact" steps to get through the state's licensing application process, marketing, finances and operations.  Our "training" program comes with the PHCP policy and procedure manual, operations forms (specific to the State of Georgia's rules and regulations), covers attachments, documents required in staff files, pricing and so much more.  Click Here to learn more.

What Makes Care Enterprise Different?
What makes us different is that we specialize specifically in the care home licensing business.  Our licensing experts become a real partner with you.   We answer our phones, return calls, have a sense of urgency with each and every client, work diligently, and pay attention to details.  We are deadline driven, meet our deadlines and deliver a researched professional correct product to submit to your state licensing department.    Our consultants go over and above making sure we meet and exceed your expectations each and every time.  Our consultants have over 20 years of combined experience in the care home industry, which includes owning licensed care home facilities and a national care home licensing consulting and training firm.

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Do not be defeated.   The road to progress can bring setbacks.   Don’t stop.  When you are at the end of the journey it will be worth it.  ~ Care Enterprise, LLC 

We got our business license on Monday and have started marketing to find clients. Thank you so much for all of your help in getting our home licensed within a very short time. You were extremely helpful and always willing to answer all of our many questions we had. With all of the coaching and guidance you've given us, we feel more confident about operating our personal care home. Thanks😊  ~ The Sumpters 


God bless you!  I really appreciate your help, encouragement and guidance that you have given me in that short unexpected call.  I didn't really know what to expect when I called you, but it seemed like a heaven sent situation.  I was really starting to feel at my very lowest and the simple call to you was a wake up call.  Thank you! ~ G.Parker

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