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A-Z License Consulting Program for Personal Care Industry

If you are feeling completely overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated because you have been trying desperately to figure out how to get licensed in the personal home care industry, Care Enterprise, LLC can help you.  If you need to know how to navigate through your state's licensing application forms, attachments and those complex policy manual rules and regulations, we can help you.  If you don't have time, the energy and the brain power to tackle the licensing approval process, we're here for you.  Our experienced consultants can help you get licensed in your state as a residential care home, group home, and home care agency.  We do the research, create the customized policy manuals, attachments, operations forms, fill out the state licensing application paperwork and other documents required.

We license businesses in Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, and New Jersey.  In Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona we provide policy manuals only.  We take the guess work out of the licensing process.

Our experienced staff coach and consult with you to complete assigned task that only you must do locally to finish the licensing process.  Therefore, you will do the local running around with direction from your assigned consultant, and we do the rest.   Our A-Z license program provides hands-on work, consulting and coaching for 12 full months from the date you sign your agreement.

Our all-inclusive A-Z LICENSE PROGRAM is for the ID/DD, DDD, or IDD population:

  • Group Homes - ADULTS - intellectual developmentally disabled, substance abuse, behavioral health, and mental health
  • Supportive Living and Community Living Services - In-home care in person's residential and non-residential setting
  • Home and Community Based Services - also called HCBS or HCS - clients for long-term care, home care, and day habilitation


#1 - TALKING via phone and email to prepare for and ensure compliance in your state.

#2 - INTERPRETING state regulations, rules, steps and compliance standards for your specific county, city and state.

#3 - COMPLETING state licensing application forms, attachments, customized policy manual, operations forms and other documents.

#4 - CONSULTING to setup facility using our 45 point inspection checklist and incorporating your state’s specific rules for facility setup.

#5 - OPERATIONS HANDBOOK to help you understand what is entailed financially, marketing, operations, how to run your business daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, staff wages, client fees, mistakes to avoid and so much more.

#6 - 12-MONTHS OF UNLIMITED CONSULTING via email and phone from the date of signed agreement.  When you commit to our A-Z program you will gain the value of our expertise in the care home industry, and the comfort knowing we have assisted in licensing hundreds of clients throughout the country.  With our extensive consulting, you can tap into our knowledge, business expertise and valuable insight throughout the process and once licensed.   

BENEFITS of A-Z License Program Include:   

      1.   EIN number, NPI number (if applicable) and background clearance process
      2.   LLC or Incorporation (included in price)
      3.   Completion of state licensing application paperwork and required attachments
      4.   Customized policy and procedure manual 
      5.   Customized operations and new hire forms -
Samples: Click Here #1 & Click Here #2
      6.   Customized resident binder (mailed FedEx or USPS)
      7.   Customized procedure binder (mailed FedEx or USPS)
      8.   A list of documents that go in employee's personnel file
      9.   An employee and resident handbook (if applicable)
     10.  45 point checklist to setup home to pass inspection (for residential homes only)
11.  12-month standard budget (if required by state) - See Sample Budget
     12.  4 weeks of menus (for residential homes only) - See Sample Menu

VALUE of Using Care Enterprise, LLC

  1. You can relax and stop feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious, because we will do most the work for you.
  2. We free up your time and energy to work on other pressing matters.
  3. Our program is not generic.  The process takes time, energy and experience to research, create and develop materials just for you.  
  4. Licensing program comes with 12-months of unlimited email and phone support from day of signed agreement.
  5. Your licensing paperwork is usually completed, on our end, within 8-12 weeks or sooner, if no delays.
  6. If for some reason the state request revisions or changes based on our work you submit, we will make revisions free of charge.

Program DOES NOT Include:  

  1. Fees for state, city, county, business license, business plan, background clearance and liability insurance
  2. ​Resumes (Will do cosmetic edits and make sure content lines up with job descriptions)
  3. Commercial properties; we only license residential homes
  4. City and County:  We do not provide consulting and assistance with land use process, if required by city or county
  5. Licensing for home care, home health care agencies (home health is skilled nursing)
  6. Medicaid provider enrollment application process is a separate fee and not included in our A-Z license program, unless stated otherwise.

Start the License Process
If you are interested in hiring our consulting firm to help you get licensed call or email our office and ask to have a no-obligation proposal emailed to you.  Our steps to get started include:

  1. Sending you a proposal spelling out in black and white what you are investing in, our deliverables, payment terms and project start and end date.
  2. Once you review proposal and decide to move forward just sign, date and email the agreement to our office.
  3. Your investment can be made in 3 installments, or 4 payments if over $9,995 via paypal (with paypal credit you may qualify for six-months without paying interest) using visa, mastercard, american express, debit, e-check, or zelle bank-to-bank payments. 
  4. Sorry, we do not accept payment via check, money orders, western union or other type of payment cards.
  5. 50% of investment is due after signing agreement.  Thereafter, each payment is due every 30 days until last payment is made.
  6. Our customized policy and procedure manuals will take 15-30 days to complete from start to finish. 
  7. Get started by emailing or call our office to request a written proposal.

A-Z License Program Investment:  

  •  $9,995  - For Georgia - Does not include the Medicaid enrollment process, which cannot be done until after 12 months of being licensed.
  • $12,995  - For New Jersey, Tennessee, and Texas - includes Medicaid Enrollment process, Virginia includes HCBS self-assessment process, but does not include the Medicaid process.

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