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If you have been frustrated, overwhelmed and confused on how to get started and licensed as a group home or home care provider, we can help you. Our licensing program includes completing the initial licensing paperwork, attachments, a customized policy and procedure manual, detailed research, operation's forms, EIN, LLC, NPI and so much more.  We take the guess work out of the licensing process. We offer our license consulting program in the following states:  Georgia, Virginia, Texas, and New Jersey    

We license group homes, non-medical home care agencies; home and community based programs (HCBS) or (HCS) programs for intellectual developmentally disabled (IDD) in four states. 

Group Home License Program Steps Include Our Experienced Consultants Doing the:

Research - We have interpreted state regulations, rules, steps and compliance standards for your specific state. 

Application - We complete the state's initial licensing application forms, attachments, and customized policy manual. EIN, LLC, and NPI (if required) are all included in your investment.

Home Setup -  We provide a 45+ point inspection checklist to set up the home, and give you guidance to get your county/city certificate of occupancy approved.

Operations - We provide a 49 page group home handbook to help you understand what is entailed financially, tax benefits, marketing, operations, how to run your business daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, and mistakes to avoid. We show you how to create the sample resident file, procedure binder, and the list of documents that are needed for staff and client's personnel files. 

Customized - All of our documents, policy and procedure manuals, and attachments are customized, not generic.  Our work is customized to each states rules, regulations, standards, and codes.

Licensing Documents - We send the completed licensing paperwork via email and/or your home via FedEx for you to sign and then mail to the state for review and approval.

Our License Consulting "Customized" Program Includes:   

For the State of GEORGIA (Need the home address to submit licensing application)

  1. EIN
  2. LLC
  3. We give guidance for city/county approval process
  4. Completion of State Licensing Application
  5. Licensing Attachments
  6. Customized Policy Manual
  7. Group Home Handbook
  8. Employee Handbook
  9. Resident Handbook
  10. 15 Operations Forms
  11. New Hire Forms
  12. 47 Point Checklist to Set Up Home
  13. Medicaid Enrollment process not included

For the State of VIRGINIA (DO NOT need home to submit licensing application)

  1. EIN
  2. LLC
  3. Completion of State Licensing Application
  4. Licensing Attachments (includes budget, staffing plan, program, and other required attachments for license)
  5. Customized Policy Manual
  6. Customized Human Rights Policy Manual
  7. Human Rights email with required documents for approval 
  8. Group Home Handbook
  9. Employee Handbook
  10. Resident Handbook
  11. 30+ Operations Forms
  12. New Hire Forms
  13. 47 Point Checklist to Set Up Home
  14. Medicaid Enrollment process not included

For the State of TEXAS (DO NOT need home to submit licensing application)

  1. EIN
  2. LLC
  3. NPI
  4. Completion of Medicaid Enrollment and Licensing Application for submission and approval
  5. Customized Policy Manual
  6. Group Home Handbook
  7. Employee Handbook
  8. Resident Handbook
  9. 15 Operations Forms
  10. New Hire Forms
  11. 47 Point Checklist to Set Up Home

For the State of NEW JERSEY (DO NOT need home to submit licensing application)

  1. EIN
  2. LLC
  3. NPI
  4. Completion of Medicaid Enrollment Application
  5. Completion of State Licensing Application
  6. Business Plan Template with 12-Month Project Budget
  7. Customized Policy Manual
  8. Group Home Handbook
  9. Employee Handbook
  10. Resident Handbook
  11. 15 Operations Forms
  12. New Hire Forms
  13. 47 Point Checklist to Set Up Home

Samples of Our Work

  1. Policy Manual Click Here
  2. Operations Forms - Click Here
  3. 12-Month Budget - Click Here
  4. Menus - Click Here

Benefits of Using Care Enterprise, LLC

  1. You can relax and stop feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious, because we will do most of the work for you.
  2. We free up your time and energy to work on other pressing matters in your life.
  3. Our program is not generic.  The process takes time, energy and experience to research, create and develop materials just for you.  
  4. The "initial" state licensing application group home paperwork is usually completed, on our end, within 60 days, if no delays.

Consulting Program Does Not Include:

  1. Fees for state, city, county, business license, business plan, and liability insurance
  2. ​Resumes (Will do cosmetic edits and make sure content lines up with job descriptions)
  3. Commercial properties; we only license residential homes
  4. The city or county land use permit process we do not do, but the normal city/county process can be included for a fee
  5. Medicaid provider enrollment application process is a separate fee (unless the state combines Medicaid and Licensing in the same application)

How YOU Get Started
If you are interested in hiring our consulting firm to help you get licensed call or email our office and ask to have a no-obligation proposal emailed to you. 

Our steps to get started include:

  1. You requesting a formal proposal spelling out in black and white what you are investing in, our deliverables, payment terms and project start and end date.
  2. Once you review proposal and decide to move forward just sign, date and email the agreement to our office.
  3. The agreement investment can be made in three installment payments.
  4. 50% is due to hold a spot on our project calendar and the remaining payments are paid every 30-days from the date of the signed agreement.
  5. Pay using paypal, visa, mastercard, american express, debit, or zelle.  
  6. We do not accept payment via check, money orders, western union or other types of payment cards.
  7. Group home licensing program investment:  $10,995

Start the Process to Get Licensed Today!  Call: 770-575-4149

Success Tip...

People perish for a lack of vision. When a vision comes buy into it and do not let it go.  ~ Care Enterprise, LLC

I'm very happy to inform you that I just got license approval on July 1.  I want to say thank you and very much appreciate your help. ~ N.N.

 Care Enterprise is awesome.  Keep up the good work, because there are other people out there like myself who need a little help and it is good to know that the right help is there that can lead us.  I felt blessed after finding you on the Internet and having the pleasure to work with your company. S.L.


 Thank you for revising our policies so promptly. It is refreshing to work with a professional like yourself that follows through with everything you say you will do.   It is always a pleasure to work with you.   Thank you again. ~ J.P.


Good morning, I received my approval this morning. :-)  Thank you so much! I will definitely use your services again very soon. S.W.


I will recommend Care Enterprise pch consulting service to others because they are straight forward with the truth. F.T. 


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