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Medicaid home and community based services (HCBS) waiver programs was authorized under section 1915© of the social security act.  Through this program states can help provide different services that allow those who need care to receive services in their homes or communities.  Within broad Federal guidelines, states can develop home and community based waivers to meet the needs of people who prefer to get long-term care services and supports in their own home or community, instead of in a small or large institutional setting.

What is HCBS?
Home and community based long-term services include a wide variety of personal care, health care and other supportive services.  Services are provided to clients in their own homes, or in their community to enable them to continue living at home in order to maintain as much independence as possible.  Long-term services and supports are defined as the services and supports used by individuals of "all ages" with the functional limitations and chronic illnesses who need assistance to perform routine daily activities such as bathing, dressing preparing meals and administering medications.  

Programs Under HCBS Waivers:

  1. I/DD (previously MR/DD programs)
  2. Long-Term Care (non-mediacal home care services)
  3. Behavioral Health (mental health or illness, substance abuse and addictions)
  4. Day Habilitation Centers
  5. Caregiver Respite
  6. Transportation

Hourly Consulting Services:
We provide hourly consulting and customized policy and procedure manuals (Go to policy manual tab for pricing under products/services) for HCBS programs.  Our hourly consulting services can be used for research, marketing, licensing application paperwork and approval process, EIN, LLC, operations, budget, Medicaid enrollment application, set up of facility, operations, or to answer any of your pressing questions to gain knowledge, confidence and direction.

  1. Consulting sessions are scheduled
  2. Calls are scheduled for a 60 minute time frame
  3. Payment is due 24 hours before call or right before call via credit card or Paypal
  4. Want to get pressing questions answered and clarity to eliminate confusion?  
  5. Invest in one-hour of your time to gain knowledge and confidence! 

Your Investment:  $175/Hour

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