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Need a Floor Plan to Get Licensed?

Did you know that you need a customized floor plan to get licensed as a residential care home, and possibly for a non-medical home care agency office.  As part of the state licensing process getting a floor plan that the county, fire marshal or a fire inspector has approved is a requirement.  The floor plan must be customized based on the specific layout of the facility, it cannot be generic.  A generic floor plan will not pass inspection.  Also, the fire marshal and state requirement a number of specific measurements be on the customized floor plan to pass inspection and meet approval guidelines. 

Sample Floor Plans: 

Our Process:

  1. If you want to move forward with your floor plan the first step is to call or email our office and let us know you want to get started.
  2. We will have an initial phone call to give you an overview of what we need.
  3. You can pay two ways:  You can click on the "Buy Now" button below and pay upfront, or
  4. Pay 50% of payment is due to start your project using Paypal or a credit card.
  5. Once payment is received we will email you a form to get all the specific measurements that are required to start your project.
  6. Once we receive your hand drawn layout and the measurement form we will start your project.
  7. From start to finish customized floor plans will take seven business days.
  8. Once project is complete we will send a paypal invoice or charge your credit card for the remaining 50% fee.
  9. Once payment clears, your customized floor plan will be emailed in both Microsoft Word format and PDF.

Floor Plan Investment:

One Story Home: $400


Two and Three Story Homes: $500

See If You Qualify for Paypal Credit Where You Can Take Six-Months to Pay Without Interest

Why Frustrate Yourself? 
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