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The value of starting a licensed home care agency is that they are in high demand, have low overhead and the potential for high profits are great.  We will help you get licensed from start to finish.   We start with research specific to your state's home care licensing standards, rules, regulations and requirements.  We make phone calls and email the state to get questions answered and clarified.   We complete the state licensing application paperwork, attachments, forms, coach you on task only you can do locally, and create a customized policy and procedure manual individualized to your agency and state.  

We license group homes, non-medical home care agencies; home and community based programs (HCBS) or (HCS) programs for intellectual developmentally disabled (IDD) in all 50 states where applicable.  

Each state has a different home care licensing process, operation requirements and regulations.   Our home care consultants are uniquely qualified and knowledgeable to help you get your home care agency licensed and approved.   We provide consulting for startups to become profitable and make an impact in your client's lives.  We have a comprehensive licensing program for potential non-medical home care agency providers servicing all states.  Additionally, we have a private home care provider (PHCP) license training specific to the State of Georgia's rules, regulations and standards.  Click Here to learn more.

Home Care License Program Steps Are:

Pre-License Survey - We talk via phone to prepare for and ensure compliance in your state

Research - We interpret state regulations, rules, steps and compliance standards for your specific county, city and state.

Application - We complete state licensing application forms, attachments, customized policy manual and other documents.

Office Setup - Will consult, coach, and assist in setting up home care office based on your state's standards and regulations. 

Marketing Plan - We provide a marketing plan and strategy that covers over 45 different ways to market and brand your business organically.  Our marketing training also covers basic SEO tips to get higher on search engines, so potential clients can find you. 

Operations - We provide a 44 page handbook to help you understand what is entailed financially, marketing, operations, how to run your business and mistakes to avoid. 

Consulting - 18 months of unlimited consulting via email and phone from the date of signed agreement.  When you partner with Care Enterprise, LLC and commit to our PowerSTART program, you will gain the value of our expertise in the care home industry, and the comfort knowing we have licensed hundreds throughout the country.    With our extensive consulting, you can tap into our knowledge, business expertise and valuable insight throughout the process and once licensed.   

PowerfulSTART Home Care Program Benefits INCLUDE:  

      1.   EIN number
      2.   LLC or Incorporation 
      3.   NPI (if applicable)
      4.   Completion of state licensing application paperwork and required attachments
      5.   Customized policy and procedure manual (Sample #1) and (Sample #2)
      6.   15 standard operation's forms (unless other customized forms are requested for your state)
      7.   A sample resident binder 
      8.   A sample procedure binder 
      9.   A list of documents that need to go in employee's personnel file 
      10. Human resource documents and forms including employee handbook 
      11. A marketing plan and strategy for startup home care agency with over 45 ways to market
      12. 18-Months of Unlimited Phone and Email Support: starting day contract agreement is signed
      13. 44 Page Home Care Handbook: covers fees, taxes, marketing, staffing, wages; operations
      14. Client Referral List:  National companies that will refer clients to your home care agency 
      15. BONUSAudio Seminar - "Make 6-Figures Pay Little to No Taxes" (1.25 hours)


  1. Fees for state, city, county, business license, business plan and liability insurance
  2. Resumes (Will do cosmetic edits and make sure content lines up with job description)
  3. If licensing process is more complex than normal, or more comprehensive steps are involved than normal, the price may increase (we will let you know before proposal is submitted)
  4. Licensing for home health agencies
  5. Medicaid provider enrollment state licensing process is extra

How Do I Get Started?
If you are interested in hiring our consulting firm to help you get licensed call or email our office and ask to have a no-obligation proposal emailed to you.  

  1. Then we send you a proposal spelling out in black and white what you are investing in, our deliverables, payment terms and project start and end date.
  2. Once you review proposal and decide to move forward just sign, date and email the agreement to our office.
  3. The agreement investment can be made in 12, or 3 installment payments over 60 days via paypal invoice or using a credit card.
  4. Our customized policy and procedure manuals will take a minimum of 15-30 days to complete from start to finish.
  5. Get Started:  Call 770-966-5236 or email to request a written proposal

PowerfulSTART Licensing Program Investment:  $9,995

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Good morning, I received my approval this morning. :-)  Thank you so much! I will definitely use your services again very soon. ~ S.Worthy


I hope all is well. Thank you for the PHCP policy manual :) I greatly appreciate your help.  ~ J.Yawn


Thank you for revising our policies so promptly. It is refreshing to work with a professional like yourself that follows through with everything you say you will do.   It is always a pleasure to work with you.   Thank you again. ~ J.Pizzuto


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