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Our "PowerfulSTART" PHCP Training Will Get You Licensed

Did you know that by 2020 the home care industry for seniors and those aging will bring in revenue of $300 billion.   A private home care provider agency (also called non-medical home care agency) is currently one of the most profitable businesses to start in the United States.  The value of starting a licensed home care agency is that they are in high demand, has low overhead and the potential for high profits are great.  

Each state has different home care licensing standards, regulations and steps to getting licensed.  That is why our PowerfulSTART private home care license training application forms, rules and materials needed for licensing a PHCP, is specific and unique to the State of Georgia's standards and codes.  PHCP is what the State of Georgia calls a licensed non-medical home care agencyWe provide care home training to potential startups to become profitable and make an impact in client's lives.

Our PowerfulSTART 4-hour PHCP training includes:  

      1.   How to get EIN number, LLC and NPI (if applicable)
      2.   Completed state licensing application paperwork and required attachments
      3.   Policy and procedure manual See Sample)
      4.   Operation's forms that state request as part of care home manual (included)
Review sample resident binder 
      6.   Review sample procedure binder 
      7.   Review list of documents that need to go in each staff personnel file 
Training binder
      9.   Training certificate
      10.  Marketing plan and strategy to get potential clients (over 41 points to cover)

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Private Home Care Provider (PHCP) License Training for the State of Georgia:


  1. Our PHCP training shows attendees the exact steps to get the state license application approved with required documents. 
  2. Our training is thorough, detailed and hands-on. 
  3. We take away the guess work, frustration and anxiety.
  4. We provide the materials, documents and knowledge to hit the ground running.  
  5. Click Here to learn more about our "private home care provider" licensing training and to register to hold your seat, which are limited.

Training Investment:  $1,995/person or $2,495/couple

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