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If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated because you know your desire is to help and impact lives, you can stop feeling overwhelmed today.   If your heart's desire is to have a licensed group home, supportive living or residential care home, we can help you. Our experienced consultants can help you get licensed in your state.  We do the research, create customized policy manual, attachments, forms and other documents required.

We also license programs under home and community based service (HCBS) or (HCS), which includes long-term care, day habilitation centers, behavioral health agencies and non-medical home care for ID/DD and behavioral health for all ages.

Group Home "Hourly" Consulting Process:

10-Minute FREE No-Obligation Consultation - We talk to find out what your needs, concerns and business goals are.  After the free consultation if you want to get additional consulting time, you can continue by making a payment using Paypal or credit card over the phone.  Ask us about our residential care home license program that is all inclusive and our experienced consultants do the hands-on work for you from start to finish.

Hourly Consulting May Include
Must invest in a minimum of one-hour of consulting.  Have your questions and concerns written down so time is not wasted.  

Research - We breakdown state regulations, rules, steps and compliance standards for your specific county, city and state. (Minimum 3 hours)

Application - We complete state licensing application forms, attachments, customized policy manual, forms and other documents.

Home Setup - Will consult, coach, and assist in setting up facility using our 45 point inspection checklist and incorporating your state’s specific rules for facility setup.

Marketing Plan - We provide a marketing plan and strategy that covers over different ways to market and brand your business organically.  Our marketing training also covers basic SEO tips to get higher on search engines, so potential clients can find you.  

Operations - We help you understand what is involved financially, with marketing, operations, how to run your business daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly and mistakes to avoid. 

Other Areas We Consult:   

     1.   EIN number and NPI number (if applicable)
      2.   LLC or Incorporation 
      3.   Completion of state licensing application paperwork and required attachments
      4.   Policy and procedure manual
(See sample of ILP policy manual)
      5.   Floor plan (See sample floor plan)
      6.   12-month standard budget
      7.   Operations forms (if state require customize forms we do them)
      8.   Sample resident binder 
      9.   Sample procedure binder 
      10. List of documents need to go in staff files

Hourly Investment:
Our hourly consulting services can be used for research, marketing, licensing application approval process, attachments, EIN, LLC, operations, budget, Medicaid, set up of facility, operations, or to answer any of your pressing questions to gain knowledge, confidence and get direction.

  1. Consulting sessions are scheduled
  2. Calls are scheduled for a 60 minute time frame
  3. Payment is due 24 hours before call or right before call via credit card or Paypal
  4. Want to get pressing questions answered and clarity to eliminate confusion?  
  5. Invest in one-hour of your time to gain knowledge and confidence! 

Your Investment:  $175/Hour

    See If You Qualify for Paypal Credit Where You Can Take Six-Months to Pay Without Interest

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