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Policy and Procedure Manuals Customized to Your State

In order to get licensed and approved as a care home provider, the policy and procedure manual must be in compliance and pass the state surveyor's inspection based on your state's specific policies.  Not having the right policy manual and policies can delay the licensing approval process for months.  Purchasing a care home generic policy and procedure manual will not work, because each state's rules, regulations and standards are different.  Additionally, certain states have different topics, content, order of information and code numbers required.  In other words, one policy manual cannot fit another state's requirements.

Care Enterprise, LLC create and develop customized policy and procedure manuals that are unique to each specific state.  Our care home consultants write all the content, proofread and send you the policy manual directly to your email inbox in Microsoft Word.  An electronic version gives you the empowerment to make changes to your home care policies in the future when rules change.

We create customized policy manuals for the following states:  ArizonaGeorgia, Maryland, Virginia, PennsylvaniaTexas, and North Carolina. We take the guess work out of personal care customized policy and procedure manuals.  Our policy and procedure manuals are researched, and written based on your specific state's rules, regulations, standards and codes. 

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Types of Policy Manuals We Create and Deliver:

  1. Arizona - DDD: Group Home Policy Manual
  2. Georgia – DCH: Community Living Arrangement (Group Home), Personal Care Home (PCH), and Private Home Care Provider (PHCP) Manual​
  3. Maryland - DDA: Operations Policy and Procedure, Quality Assurance Plan (QAP), and Program Service Plan (PSP) Manuals (All three manuals for $5,995)
  4. North Carolina - DHSR: Group Home and In-Home Care Agency (HCA) Manuals   
  5. Pennsylvania – DHS: 6400 Codes Group Home, 6100 Codes Home Care Agency (HCA), and 2600 Code Personal Care Home (PCH) Manuals
  6. Texas – HHS: HCS Group Home Manual                                                     
  7. Virginia - DBHDS: Group Home Policy Manual and Human Rights Manual $1,700 Human Rights Manual only

FREE BONUS:  Customized policy manuals come with 20 standard operations forms

Review Sample Policy and Procedure Manuals:
Sample #1 (For State of Georgia)
Sample #2 (For State of Virginia) 
Sample #3 (Transportation Form)
Sample #4 (Menus)

Steps to Get the Process Started:

  1. If you decide to move forward with the proposal and make it an agreement, then you will sign and date order form, and email it back to our office.
  2. Then a consultant will sign and date the order form and email the executed copy to you for your records.
  3. Once the executed agreement is official your credit card listed on the signed agreement will be charged.
  4. 50% of the payment is required to start project and 50% is due upon completion of project.
  5. Start to finish timeframe of project is between 15-30 business days.
  6. Once client has received documents, materials, and/or consulting services payment(s) are all nonrefundable.
  7. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit, and DO NOT accept checks, money orders, western union, or other type of card payments.

Call 770-575-4149 to request a written proposal.

Your Investment: $2,995 (Price is per manual unless specified differently)

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