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Affordable Care Home Consulting and Training for Georgia

PHCP License Consulting and Training Program

If you want to own and start a non-medical home care agency (also called private home care provider license) in the State of Georgia, this one-day consulting and training program will give you the exact steps, information, documents, and materials to get licensed. Training includes policy and procedure manual, operations and new hire forms, marketing plan and strategy, the exact steps to complete the online application, and how to upload the state required documents.

PHCP 4-Hour License Consulting and Training Program:

  1. You will be given instructions to complete the criminal background clearance.
  2. You will be shown how to complete the online licensing application, upload required documents, and be shown how to get approved the first time.
  3. We will share information on tax write-offs, staff wages, client’s fees, services and daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly business operations.
  4. We will share details regarding licensing and the home care agency business that no one else will share with you.
  5. We answer all your pressing questions, so you feel knowledgeable, confident, and educated regarding your PHCP business.
  6. We email the training documents and training certificate straight to your email inbox.

Download PHCP Training Registration Form

Training Materials Include:

  1. PHCP policy and procedure manual and 20+ standard operations forms emailed in Microsoft Word (Based on Georgia’s rules and regulations, and includes around one-hour of personalization).
  2. Standard new hire forms sent to you in Microsoft Word format.
  3. Detailed marketing plan and strategy (to get new clients) that includes a 1.5-hour audio in MP3 format.
  4. List of national referral agencies to partner with to get clients in PHCP. 
  5. List of documents that need to go in each staff personnel file and the client's file.
  6. A 4-hour training certificate as proof of completion of training.

Program Investment Fee:

  1. $3,995 per person and $4,495 couple/partners (Investment can be made in two installments)
  2. When 50% of the payment is processed and cleared, then 50% of the training documents will be emailed to your inbox.
  3. When the remaining 50% of the payment has been processed and cleared then the remaining documents will be emailed to your inbox.
  4. If training is paid for in one installment, all documents will be emailed to the client at one time.

Schedule Your Training The PHCP license consulting and training program is conducted the First and Fourth Saturday of each month. Once the registration form and initial payment has been received a consultant will contact you to schedule the best Saturday that fits your schedule.

Download PHCP Training Registration Form

This PHCP training gives you the exact steps, knowledge, and know-how to hit the ground running. 

So what are you waiting for? Start the process to get licensed today! 


I hope all is well. Thank you for the PHCP policy manual :) I greatly appreciate your help.  J.Y.

Thanks so very much. I truly enjoyed the training today. ~ T.C.

Good for their work reliable and most answer any questions related to how to start a home care business. ~ L.I.

At first, I was hesitant but also curious as to the effectiveness of the PHCP training and the policy and procedure  they provide. I received all of my paperwork as promised and on time (after each payment). She was very thorough during the training and I appreciated how knowledgeable she was. She was patient and answered all the questions I had. After the training my confidence level doubled and I can't wait to get started! A big thank you to Care Enterprise!! ~ B.S.