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Group Home License Consulting Packages for Virginia

If you have been anxious, frustrated, and overwhelmed on how to get licensed as a group home provider in the State of Virginia, we can help you. Care Enterprise, LLC provides a comprehensive license package to help you get the ball rolling. Our packages include customized policy and procedure manuals, attachments, and forms; operations and new hire forms, 12-month projected budget, resident and employee handbook, group home handbook, checklist to set up home, and more. We will send all license package documents via email in Microsoft Word and/or PDF format. We take the guess work out of the licensing process.   

We help license group homes for home and community based programs (HCBS) or (HCS) programs for intellectual developmentally disabled (ID/DD). 

Group Home License Packages Include:

Research - We have interpreted state regulations, rules, steps, and compliance standards for your specific state.

Customized Policy Manuals - Virginia requires two manuals, which includes an operations and human rights manual.  All of our policy and procedure manuals are customized, not generic, and follows the State of Virginia's policy review checklist. Our manuals are customized to Virginia's rules, regulations, standards, and codes.

Operations and New Hire Forms - Virginia requires operations and new hire forms in order to run and operate your licensed group home.  The operations forms are specific to the rules and regulations for licensing approval, page-by-page and line-by-line.

Group Home Handbook - We provide a 52-page group home handbook to help understand what is entailed financially, tax benefits, marketing, operations, tips on how to run your business daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and mistakes to avoid. 

Employee Handbook - A standards employee handbook. 

Resident Handbook - A standards resident handbook that meets the State of Virginia's current HCBS community settings rules.    

Home Setup - We provide a 47+ point inspection checklist to set up the home.

Binders and Files - We give you the the Table of Contents to create the two binders that must be presented at the onsite inspection.  The binder documents come from the licensing forms and/or policy manual.

Download Proposal to get the licensing process started.

License Consulting Packages for the State of VIRGINIA:  (DO NOT purchase/lease the group home home address before submitting the initial licensing application materials)

Licensing documents can be purchased in packages based on what you need. All documents are customized to the state rules, regulations, codes, and standards for the State of Virginia. Even though all documents are customized, you will personalize the purchased documents with your facility location’s contact and other facility specific information. Below are the steps and phases of the group home license process for Virginia.

Choose the package you would like to Invest in.

Phase I Package: Investment - $5,845 

  1. Customized Policy and Procedure Manual 
  2. Application Attachments (Program, 12-month projected budget, staffing plan, job descriptions, and required policies)
  3. Operations and New Hire Forms 
  4. Group Home Handbook (52 pages on operations, marketing, budget, mistakes to avoid and more) 

Phase 2 Package: Investment -  $2,200 

  1. Customized Human Rights Policy Manual 
  2. Human Rights Compliance Form 
  3. Human Rights Complaint Policy
  4. Employee Handbook 

Phase 3Criminal Background Clearance (Instructions given by state licensing division)

Phase 4 Package - $1,462.50 

The onsite inspection review checklist is Phase 4, which are documents that must be submitted on CONNECT portal before the onsite inspection can be scheduled by the state surveyor. The documents below are emailed for you to personalize based on your staffing and staff.

  1. 47 Point Checklist to Set Up Home 
  2. Sample Staffing Schedule and Director File
  3. Sample Individual File
  4. Sample Staff File  
  5. 1.5 hours of consulting comes with Phase 4 to be walked through the checklist documents, which are 12 documents to submit in total 

Phase 5 and 6Phase 5 provider can request a Pending Letter for license from state licensing division while waiting for official letter. Phase 6 is your official letter received that you are a licensed group home provider.

HCBS Self-Assessment Package: Investment - $3,825   
The Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) self-assessment documents can be submitted once you have the group home address, and must be approved BEFORE the Medicaid Enrollment process is started, which is done once you receive your group home license. All documents below are required for HCBS approval process. 
 In addition to the required documents below, the Client will also need to submit pictures of the home, Google Map directions, self-assessment questionnaire, and the approved policy and procedure manual.

HCBS Self-Assessment Package Includes

  1. Participant Handbook 
  2. Staff Training Curriculum and Training Schedule 
  3. Activity Schedules
  4. Menus (8 menus) 
  5. Person Centered Service Plan 
  6. Documentation Records/Forms and Survey Results 
  7. Lease/Resident Agreement 
  8. NPI (Will walk Client through the process to complete while on Google Meet video call) 
  9. Download Proposal to get the licensing process started.

Samples of Our Work

  1. Policy Manual Click Here
  2. Operations Forms - Click Here
  3. 12-Month Budget - Click Here
  4. Menus - Click Here

What to Know About of License Consulting Packages:

  • Time Frame: Once agreement is completed, signed, dated, returned to our office for signatures, the agreement is scanned and emailed to client. Once client has the executed agreement we will process the payment, once payment clears, documents will immediately be emailed to clients in Microsoft Word and/or PDF format. 

  • AGREEMENT DOES NOT INCLUDE:  Fees for state licensing application (if applicable); city and county fees, financial statement, background clearance, business license fee, creation of resumes, county, city, land use permit process (if applicable), policy manual revisions, Medicaid enrollment process is not included in this agreement. 

  • Consulting: If client desires additional guidance and assistance after initial scope of work has been completed, consulting hours can be purchased for $275/hour in one-hour increments. Payment must be received before consulting session is provided.

Download Proposal to get the licensing process started.

Benefits of Using Care Enterprise, LLC

  1. Our customized license documents are not generic. 
  2. The license documents takes time, energy, and experience to develop and customize.  
  3. We stand by our work, reputation, and the integrity of what we produce.

Group Home License Package PAYMENT TERMS:

  • Client completes the agreement along with signature and date, return agreement to our office, we execute agreement, process payment, payment clears, and the documents will be emailed to client immediately.
  • Once Client has received documents, materials, and/or consulting services payment(s) are all nonrefundable.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit, and DO NOT accept checks, money orders, western union, or other type of card payments.
  • Download Proposal to get the licensing process started.
  • Email or CALL: 770-575-4149 to get started today! 

Success Tip...

People perish for a lack of vision. When a vision comes buy into it and do not let it go.  ~ Care Enterprise, LLC

I'm very happy to inform you that I just got license approval on July 1.  I want to say thank you and very much appreciate your help. ~ N.N.

 Care Enterprise is awesome.  Keep up the good work, because there are other people out there like myself who need a little help and it is good to know that the right help is there that can lead us.  I felt blessed after finding you on the Internet and having the pleasure to work with your company. S.L.


 Thank you for revising our policies so promptly. It is refreshing to work with a professional like yourself that follows through with everything you say you will do.   It is always a pleasure to work with you.   Thank you again. ~ J.P.


Good morning, I received my approval this morning. :-)  Thank you so much! I will definitely use your services again very soon. S.W.


I will recommend Care Enterprise pch consulting service to others because they are straight forward with the truth. F.T. 


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