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Can I lease or rent a home to start a licensed care home?

Yes, the provider can lease or rent a home or an apartment, usually. Most clients rent or purchase a home instead of an apartment for the following reasons: a) a home is more private, b) a home usually has a backyard, and c) the home can be fenced in. However, it is usually the owners decision to rent or purchase a home, unless the state is specific about renting or purchasing one way or the other, and typically the state is not.

How many residents can I have in my licensed care home?

Group homes usually allow a maximum of four individuals to start, depending on the state. Personal care homes the number of residents may depend on the county or city. Also, the number of residents will depend on the number of bedrooms, square footage of each bedroom, and number of shared bathrooms. The number of residents in a personal care home may range from three to 24, depending on the state rules, size of facility, and the number of beds. Again, every state, county, and/or city rules are different, so read their rules to get the answer. 

Do I have to pay an application fee to get licensed?

Many states charge an application and license fee, and some states do not. For example, the State of Georgia charges an initial application and licensing fee of $650 for a personal care homes (PCH). The private home care provider (PHCP) license, also called non-medical home care agency license, is currently $1,100 for three combined services: companion sitter, personal care, and nursing services.

How long does it take to get licensed once my paperwork is submitted?

In Georgia, a personal care home and home care agency (PHCP) license approval can take from 30 days to 90 days, per the state's website. However, we have been licensing personal care homes and private home care providers in Georgia since 2012. Once paperwork is submitted with no revisions a PCH can be licensed and approved within seven to 45days after paperwork is submitted, fee paid; including onsite inspection. Private home care providers paperwork can be reviewed and approved anywhere from seven day to 90 days, based on our firms past work and clients' experience.