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Care Enterprise, LLC has over 20 years of combined experience creating customized policy and procedure manuals in the care home industry. Our policy manuals are customized based on your specific state's license, rules, regulations, and standards. All purchased policy manuals include a minimum of 15 standard operations forms.

Care Enterprise, LLC documents are well researched, detailed, and quality-written materials for licensing. We provide residential policy and procedure manuals for group homes for the states listed below.

  • Arizona – Is a DDD Residential Group Home with Room and Board for IDD individuals - Chapter 54 Regulations.
  • Georgia – Community Living Arrangement (CLA), which is another name for group home for ID/DD
  • Illinois – Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) is a Group Home for DD  Adults - 115 Regulations
  • Kentucky – Supports for Community Living (SCL) for IID - Regulations (SCL) 907 KAR 12:010
  • Michigan – Adult Foster Care-Group Home for DD Adults - R-400 Regulations
  • North Carolina – Developmental Disabled (DD) Group Home and Mental Health for Adults and Children - 10A NCAC 27
  • Pennsylvania - Intellectually Disabled (ID) group home - 6400 Regulations and Home Care Agency (HCA) - 6100 Regulations
  • Texas - Intellectual and Developmentally Disabled (IDD) Adult Group Home - Administrative Code 565.2

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We provide personal care home and non-medical home care agency manuals listed below:

  • Georgia - Personal Care Home (PCH) manual for adults for elderly, veterans, and the disabled
  • Georgia - Private Home Care Provider (PHCP) a home care agency policy manual that includes 22+ state required customized forms
  • North Carolina - In-Home Care Agency policy manual
  • Pennsylvania - Home Care Agency (6100 codes) and Personal Care Home (2600 codes) policy manual

Other products to invest in:

  • Handbooks - Employee and resident handbooks
  • Checklist - Used for setting up care homes in very state

Our Quick Turnaround Process: You order, make payment, we process payment, payment clears, and we email your document(s) directly to your inbox in Microsoft Word format.

Policy Manual Investment: $2,195 

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I'm very happy to inform you that I just got license approval on July 1.  I want to say thank you and very much appreciate your help. ~ N.N.

 Care Enterprise is awesome.  Keep up the good work, because there are other people out there like myself who need a little help and it is good to know that the right help is there that can lead us.  I felt blessed after finding you on the Internet and having the pleasure to work with your company. S.L.

 Thank you for revising our policies so promptly. It is refreshing to work with a professional like yourself that follows through with everything you say you will do.   It is always a pleasure to work with you.   Thank you again. ~ J.P.